Finding A Job When You Don’t Know What To Do


Do you have the right job? Are you bent on landing the dream job? Do you just hate the job you have right now and are wishing to find another? If you knew what job you wanted from the start, life would be so much easier and there would be no need for me to write this post or for you to read it would there! Perfect might be difficult but it’s not impossible because you can always settle for…

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My First Time..I DID IT!!!


I really hope none of you are here to hear about the nonromantic virginity story ha! Because that’s not what this post is! Trust me, don’t nobody want to know about that! On to what this post is actually about…and it is my first time doing it! Is…I finally filmed a YouTube video! I’ve wanted to do it for the longest time but my confidence was quite low and I’m naturally an awkward and nervous person! I got the suggestion to…

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A Crown Brush Haul

crown brushes

My makeup brush collection is never ending! It’s so satisfying buying a brush that will help to make your makeup skills better. I have tried a lot of the hyped up brush brands and I’m always wanting to try more! I’ve tried Real Techniques, Sigma, Zoeva, GWA and Eco Tools but I’ve never tried a Crown Brush! I decided it was time to go ahead and give them a go and here is what I got.. One thing I loved…

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10 Things I Do In My Job That You Won’t Do In Yours

10 things I do in my job that you wont do in yours

I’m always really surprised that my career posts are some of my most popular content on my blog. I guess it’s because not many people do what I do and that’s working with babies! I work in a private day nursery..well, until tomorrow which will be my last day (I am so nervous!) so I’m taking advantage of my humorous take on working in childcare whilst I can! So here is 10 things that I do in my job that you won’t…

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#shareasmile With Getting Personal

share a smile

I had a great opportunity to work with Getting Personal on their #shareasmile campaign. It’s a campaign aimed at sharing happiness with friends and loved ones and it’s safe to say this campaign put the biggest smile on my face everrrrrrr! It was kind of like a secret Santa where a group of bloggers were pre-picked to choose gifts and we had to choose gifts for one another! It was so much fun trying to learn about the other person…

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