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Mid Year Blog Goals

Monday, 30 May 2016

 It's really scary to think were halfway through 2016. We will blink and be sat here in 2017! I'm very goal orientated and I work very well setting myself goals at a short time span. New Years Resolutions do not work for me at all! I'm a 6 month goal kind of girl!

I like tracking my stats. I work damn hard on my blog and I love my blog and what I do here so yes, numbers to me are important because eventually one day I want to make something for myself out of my blog. So yeah, if you're offended by someone writing about about wanting to increase their following this post will not be what you are looking for. If it doesn't bother you then stick around!

Reach 7000 on Twitter | That's pretty scary to say you know! I hit 4000 last week and I nearly peed myself with excitement (no, seriously that really did nearly happen!). I wish I could be more active on Twitter and at the weekend I'm tweeting constantly and then in the week I go quiet. That's because I'm not allowed my phone whilst working with children and I work in the middle of a forest so 3G is a little spotty!

Reach 3000 on Pinterest | I'm very active on Pinterest but I can always get better at it. I'm currently at 1.4k and it increases each day but I want to focus on getting my images out there on Pinterest. I'm very good at pinning images and neglecting my own so I want to look at some Pinterest marketing strategies. The lovely Gemma from Miss Make Up Magpie recently hit 1 million! Yes, that's right one million! Pinterest followers. She's a babe. A total babe and we've become pretty good friends over chatting about Pinterest so go and congratulate her!

Reach 4000 on Bloglovin | I don't have the worlds biggest blog following but I'm really proud of the readership I've got and I'm pretty happy with my Bloglovin and don't mind if I don't hit the target on it. I gain followers steady as you can see on the graph above. 9 weeks ago on the analytics I was ranking #668 in beauty and now I'm down to #309 so I'm not setting a goal for that but I'm curious to see how low it'll go! 

Reach 3000 Instagram Followers | I've had an up and down relationship with Instagram ever since starting my blog but now I've found my theme and I know what I want to post. I still want to get better at it, make my images better and connect with different people but I'm pleased with my Instagram (most of the time!). 

Perhaps Start Youtube Again | I've been set on doing this for months now. I get excited about the idea and then I become unsure of the idea again and my confidence slips. My biggest issue with my previous Youtube channel was my voice and my accent. People wouldn't say bad things but they would point out I have a deep voice. It's like 'K thanks, I already know that' ha! I have some ideas up my sleeve for what I want to do though. 

Move Events / People | I try and make it to as many invites as possible but so many of them are during the week it makes it almost impossible for me! However, any at the weekend and providing I can find someone I can meet before it I'm always up for it! Meeting other bloggers and trying new things is so much fun! 

"If it does't challenge you then it won't change you"

Things I Learnt From Posting Daily

Sunday, 29 May 2016

For the most part I really enjoy blogging 7 days a week. But, it's tough! It needs so much organisation and time to make sure everything is all in the right places. I'm writing this early as I have something else planned for the rest of the month. 

I think you'll either love daily blogging or you'll hate it. The more organised you are the better. I work 50-60 hours a week and I'm also a photographer in my free time doing portrait photography and keeping on top of any free lance social media jobs I've got on the go plus posting 7 days a week and making sure each of those posts have been promoted and joining in with Twitter chats! Woah, when I put it like that it really is quite alot! 

Weekends are my best friend as I don't work weekends! 

I set myself the challenge because I have an annoying tendency to waffle on and totally miss what I intended to talk about. I was beginning to worry that my writing style was becoming too long and clinical. I decided to give daily posting a try in order for me to be able to try and get shorter posts but till keep a high quality of content. I think I did that, mostly! 

On to the things I've learnt from posting daily?

  • Pre-prepare a long list of blog posts you want to write. I have a notebook filled with so many ideas, I didn't struggle for what content to post.
  • It gets easier as you go along. Once you get into the flow of scheduling posts, taking photos, promoting is kind of just keeps on flowing!
  • People enjoy my personal posts. I decided to mix up my content even more and I posted the most personal post you can ever imagine to me. I shared a health condition I've kept a secret for 20 years of my life and decided to share that with the world. It makes me so happy how positive everyone was about it! You can find that post here.
  • Social traffic was boosted alot! I was promoting much more which meant I had to balance that with how active I was on Twitter for that reason my followers and my traffic via twitter shot up. Instagram too! Instagram engagement went up because I was posting more blog posts I needed to post more Insta snaps!
  • You will hate scheduling. Oh my gawddddd I hate scheduling! It just takes up your entire life! Ugh.
  • Engagement on my blog went up. I got more comments on my posts. I don't tend to get many comments on my blog posts and it's something I've been trying to change for a while and it's worked and people are engaging with me and my content!
  • I worry alot about everything being perfect, peoples image of me, what they think of me and my blog and my photos and my writing style and it used to get really on top of me. I had so much to do on my to-do-lists with blogging every day that worry kind of just went away. I was far too busy to be hung up on what people thought about me. Maybe I should adopt this way of thinking all the time!

Blogging every day is both really challenging and really fun but you don't have to do it because you feel you need to. I simply did it to challenge my ability and my skills and I feel that I achieved exactly what I wanted to do!

Have you ever tried posting daily? How did you find it?

"Good judgement comes from experience, and alot of that comes from bad judgement" -Will Rogers 

Irresistible Me Hair Extension Review

Saturday, 28 May 2016

I'm quite blessed (sometimes its not always a good thing) with naturally thick hair. It has a tendancy to be abit of a birds nest when I wake up with it in it's natural state! But other than that I'm very grateful for how much hair I have. 

You may know I recently went blonde and sort of maybe kinda murdered my hair. I needed a hair cut pronto as my hair was coming out in clumps but I was so upset because I had worked to hard to get it as long as it was. So when I came across the Irresistible Me Hair Extensions* then I couldn't resist. All the excited feelings were going on! 

I always buy my hair extensions in the lightest colour they sell because you can never guarantee that the colour you think is closest to your own will actually be just that. It's harder to make your extensions lighter than it is darker so I always go for a platinum blonde and dye them myself as they are human hair and dye just like regular hair!

I got mine in 24inches which is very long (it reaches my bum!). It's hair that makes you feel like a princess but my gosh it's heavy! I always buy them in the longest length so that each time I get my hair cut I always get my hair dresser to cut my extensions to fit my hair style too and that way you won't loose quite so much length! 

I love that Irresistible Me have a variety of weights and lengths and really good shade selection (I still think you should always get platinum!). They do from 14 inches to 24inches and the weight varies from 100g, 140g and 200g. 

I love how silky and soft the hair extensions are and I'm so impressed at how many you get. They are really high quality and don't frizz up like a crazy crazy bush when you brush them. After washing them they go so soft and shiny. I am so in love with these extensions. They give me added volume, length and give me more confidence with my hair!

"Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful" - Sophia Loren

Festival Style With La Redoute

Friday, 27 May 2016

Play suit | Jacket | Backpack | Hat | Converse | Sunglasses | Necklace

I really like the festival style and I'm made it to 20 years old and never in my life have I been to a festival or a concert of any type. That needs to change, pronto! I've decided to give the La Redoute competition a whirl where they have two VIP V-festival tickers up for grabs and a festival wardrobe worth £500! Woaaaaah, how could I say no to this?

From what I've seen and heard of festivals is that they are messy and you're going to get dirty! I'm a practical person and I like to dress practical and for comfort whilst combining that with actually styling the outfit.

I've also never won anything in my lifetime ha! So I'm just going to see what happens haha!

I Started Something I'm Proud Of

I annoy myself so much sometimes because I'm a total over thinker and I always think the worst. Recently I bit the bullet and started something that I love so much and that is the Bloggers Photography Club. I was so petrified that nobody would be interested but I couldn't have been more wrong. Instead I've found myself surrounded by a group of supporting and excited people who want to push themselves and try new things, exactly how I feel! 

Photo Taken By Lydia

I wanted it to be super relaxed so we have a Twitter group message for any questions relating to the fortnightly topics which is a great help for us all. Every fortnight I run a poll on Twitter where we are able to vote for the topic. It's taken me the first topic to adjust things and get set on our way but it's a breeze now, everyone knows what they are doing, they are helping eachother and giving feedback and it is so inspiring to see and be involved with. If people miss the topic they don't get booted out, nothing like that at all ha! It's really relaxed and 'join in with any of the topics as you wish' kinda feel to it. 

Photo Taken By Megan
The first topic we ran with was water. This didn't have to be a photo at the beach or you're typical photo relating to water but instead, it could be anything at all that represents or is water. There has been some amazing photos and I'm so pleased that people are enjoying it! There is 20 of us at the moment and we will welcome more at any time, all you have to do is take 30 seconds to tap some info into the typeform so I can add you to the groups and the chat! Here is the sign up form if you are interested!

I thought I'd share with you some of the amazing photos from our last topic, water!

Photo Taken By Claire

Photo Taken By Kelly
Photo Taken By Myself
Photo Taken By Maff
I'm just really proud of myself for not talking myself out of doing something that has brought me lots of happiness! Everyone in the group is so lovely and full of kind and genuine bloggers that I can't wait to meet! These posts will be making an apperance from time to time as I want to show the work people are putting into the group so I hope you've enjoyed the different kind of post today!

"And so the adventure begins..."

Acne/Blemish Fighting Ingredients To Look For In Your Skincare

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Having blemish or acne prone skin can be so damn frustrating. Waking up in the morning to be greeted with 10 new spots is never fun. I'm always looking at ways to cover up my spots but it never actually came to my mind to properly start looking at ways to get rid of my spots. I have a tonne of skincare that I just don't care about because I feel it never does anything but I've done some proper research on the ingredients that help treat acne and blemishes so I can look for it in my products and build my skincare routine around that. I thought it might be resourceful and interesting to share that with you all so you can do the same if it's something you also struggle with.

Here are the ingredients you should be looking for in your skincare to help you bust those blemishes!

Salicylic Acid | This is one you will have probably heard alot about and it's the one most commonly found in blemish and acne targeted skincare. It prevents your pores from becoming plugged and reduces dead skin cells found on the surface of your skin. 

Sulfur | All I've ever thought about sulfur is how bad it stinks however, it makes an amazing ingredient in anti-blemish skincare! It unclogs your pores and prevents build up happening in your pores thus preventing more break outs and skin issues. It's usually combined with other ingredients some of which will be mentioned here in this post. 

Hyaluronic Acid | This acid regulates cell renewal and helps to maintain skins moisture and elasticity. It creates a moisture barrier on the skin and helps to make it smoother and softer. This ingredient is able to hold up to 1000x it's own weight in water which makes it an amazing ingredient for people with dehydrated skin!

AHA/BHA | These are classed as organic acids which help to exfoliate the skin. BHA's remove dead skin cells clogging up the pores (gross!) and are usually used for people with oily and blemish prone skin. BHA's penetrate the skin deeper whilst AHA's work at the surface area of your skin. 

I hope this has provided you with some broken down insight to some of the products that could really help you get rid of your blemishes and relieve your acne. Did you already know about these? Do you know about any others not mentioned on here?

"The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go!" - Dr Seuss

Superdrug's #TeamMe Campaign

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

I've always had a pretty rubbish approach to fitness. I'll get super excited about it have a totally positive approach to it but then work gets in the way and motivation begins to slack and by day 2 I'm back to my old habits! Anyone else relate to this? 

I am so excited for Superdrug who have launched their  #TeamMe campaign which aims to encourage the nation to get healthier and achieve their personal health goals. Superdrug's research shows that 89% of Brits want to improve their health, but more than 74% have not sought help, advice or treatment and those that do have waited on average 25 months before tackling their health problem! 

I usually drop in and out of Superdrug to stock up on my beauty essentials and hair related products and have never thought to look at their health and fitness section. The image above shows their health and fitness related items and I'm pretty shocked (an impressed shocked) at how much they have!

They have such an extensive range I'm very pleasantly surprised!

Over the next four months, #TeamMe will be travelling around the UK visiting Superdrug stores in Canterbury, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Manchester to encourage as many people as possible take part in a national health check. 

My Health & Fitness Goals
1. To give up my E-cigarette. I gave up smoking two years ago, have been addicted to this since.
2. To loose weight. 4 stone would be a dream!
3. To have a healthier body image and be able to find positive with my body.
4. To be more active and fit.
5. Make healthier food choices.
6. To be able to look at my body and not feel disgusted with how I look.

Are you board with the #TeamMe campaign? Tweet your health and fitness goals using the hashtag and comment one health and one fitness goal down below! Let's all support one another!

"Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything" -George Bernard Shaw

Getting Help For Anxiety & Mental Health | The Options & Some Info

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Not too long ago I was given the formal diagnosis (would you call it a diagnosis? hmm!) that I have generalised anxiety disorder and OCD. To be honest, it didn't really change anything, I already knew in my head that I had it. It just secured it into my mind that I wasn't going crazy.

It took me a long time to go to the doctors and get a second opinion and seek some help because well, I wasn't sure if it was normal and I was just over reacting or if there really was something. Would they think I was being stupid? Would they laugh? Would I be pushed away being told there was nothing wrong with me? Are they just going to hand me a load of pills and send me on my way?

There were all questions I had that I couldn't find the answers to online. I had spent ages looking for articles about it that explained it well enough in my head that made me feel I could go. I get very anxious at the doctors as it is and I was so nervous that they would think I was wasting their time. So without any help from online, I decided I'd have to find out for myself so that I can do this post and help you guys!

It got to the point for me where I was always on edge, I was having crazy mood swings and I felt anxious all day every day. When I can fly to New York for the very first time all on my own but I can't even walk to Tesco two minutes from my house? Enough was enough and I pushed myself and just went for it. 

Today's post is going to give you a run down of what some of my conditions involve, how they make me feel and what happened at the doctors and what are the next steps. With abit of luck it'll help someone out there who isn't sure what to do!

Some things that make me anxious:
-The fear of not being liked
-Rushed plans
-Going into a room alone by myself which is full of people
-Doors and being unaware of what is on the other side
-The fear that people are talking about me behind my back
-Time running out and the day ending (at the weekend)
-Going to new places
-Doing things for the first time by myself 
-Feeling like people are looking at me
-Not being 'perfect' enough
-Big Crowds
-Questions that cannot be answered such as 'where do we go when we die' 
-Looking like an idiot (I will not dance in a night club or anything like that)

Some of my obsessive compulsions
-Repeatedly opening and closing doors
-Buying new things to make something 'more perfect'
-Light switches on and off several times
-No stepping on cracks
-After touching something that SMELLS metallic such as coins my hands must be washed repeatedly until I can no longer smell it.
-Being neat and tidy
-Needing to be on top of everything, I cannot stand being stuck behind and not on top of tasks I have.
-Taking everything to obsessive limits to make myself good at something. Writing, photography, socialising. It's an obsession. I need to be good at it.

These are not all of them but ones that affect me on a daily basis. Having GAD and OCD totally stress each other out because I feel the need to be constantly neat and tidy and organised but I work with children..babies! It's never neat and tidy which then makes me anxious! Another would be the learning something and trying to be perfect at it and if I'm not then I become anxious. It works the other way too in which if I'm feeling anxious I will try to control the situation but then It'll affect my OCD which will set me off once again. It just felt never-ending. 

So to avoid rambling and boring you all lets talk about actually sitting in the doctors room and talking to them. I proceeded to tell them I feel anxious alot and all the strange things I do that are out of the norm and she pulled out a questionnaire. It's based on over the last two weeks and has questions such as 'worrying too much about different things' and 'feeling as though something awful might happen'. Take a look it's called the GAD 7. For perspective, my score is 20/21 which is classed as severe anxiety. 

So the options I was given and spoken about were |

Medication | Medication is usually the last thing doctors prefer to try unless it's something you say you want. For me, I didn't really know what I wanted but the moment she suggested group therapy I had a panic attack there and then! That was a no go. 

They wanted to prescribe me quite a high dose of anxiety medication but with me working with children I couldn't accept it, I didn't feel right to do so as the side effects that were common were things which would interfere with my job. 

I was given an SSRI which is a type of anti depressant. I queried that because I didn't think I was depressed and she assured me it wasn't just for depression it balances out the chemicals in your brain which affect your anxiety. They increase the level of serotonin in your brain. These can be taken on a long-term basis, you are usually started off with a low dose and as your body adjusts they can adjust the dosage. They do also take several weeks to begin working which I found to be true as when I went to the Leeds March Meet I was an anxious wreck over the trains but after that period of time, my anxiety lifted and was much lighter than usual. Not cured but eased and if you struggle with anxiety being eased of some of that is a god send!

Group Therapy | There will be a therapist present and a group of others who also suffer, like yourself for you to talk through the problems, the treatments and how you are feeling as a group. I can out right say that this treatment was not for me. 

CBT | This is supposed to be one of the most effective treatments of anxiety disorder. It stands for Cognitional Behavioural Therapy and it helps you to understand how your thoughts, feelings and problems affect each other. It can help you to answer your negative and anxious thoughts and in the long term, it has been found to help anxiety more than any drug out there. This was an option I also didn't like. It meant being out of control in a situation as they help you approach anxious situations head on to help you deal with the way the situation feels. For me, this is not something I'm ready to do.

I hope this provides anyone looking with a little bit more in-depth knowledge as doctor articles can be all professional talk and quite hard to understand. This post was requested by someone, I won't say who but I hope it helps you lovely! And anyone who struggles with mental health and anxiety or OCD etc and have any questions then just pop them below and I'll answer as many as I can! 

"Be gentle with yourself your doing the best that you can"

5 Tips To A Brighter & Whiter Instagram Theme

Monday, 23 May 2016

Over the past few months on Insta feed has changed for the better (follow me here!). I've managed to get my 'theme' pretty much how I want it: bright, white and airy with pops of pink here and there. With Instagram it's 100% personal preference I ran a poll on Twitter to see if people preferred to look at themed or non-themed accounts and it was split directly down the middle. You can't please everyone and not everyone will like my Instagram but I get asked quite often how I get it so bright and the way that it is, so I thought sharing these tips on how I do things, might help you!

Use A White Background

I was all over the marble hype at one point but it quickly took a back seat when I decided to turn my Instagram fully white. The trend faded, for me anyway. It doesn't mean your entire bedroom needs to be all white but buying some white flooring samples, white card or white foam board can really help to keep your images looking brighter. White furniture also works as I use my Alex dressing table to take photos on. 


I wouldn't recommend using five different filters all added to one photo but I do add a filter and I always make sure its the same one to my images with the effects of it turned right down. I use the A5 filter on vsco it gives the brightness such a boost without changing the image completely! You still want it to look like the photo you have taken, of course. 

Get Rid Of The Warmth

When taking photos inside we can often get an orange or yellowish glow to the images using an editor, or even Instagrams own to switch down the temperature or saturation just a notch can really make the world of a difference. I much prefer a cool toned image than a warm one. 


Of course if you want a brighter may want to start using an editor to play about with the brightness. Facetune is all the rage at the moment if you want that brilliant white background because using it's whiten feature does exactly that, it's amazing! When I'm in a rush to get a photo up I just use Instagrams editor and touch up the brightness a notch which works wonders. I find using vsco's brightness it just blows it out and is abit too harsh. 

Find A Window

Personally, I use artificial lighting and I probably always will but there is, on occasion a time when I'll use natural lighting and I always make sure to get close to a window but not in direct sunlight. If you want to know more about using artificial lighting shoot me a comment below with what you want to know and I can answer anything you have on it! 

Do you prefer to see themed accounts? Let me know your opinions! Also what kind of theme do you aim for with your Insta if you are someone who enjoys a themed account?

"There are secret opportunities hidden in every failure"

How To Make A Beautiful Gallery Wall On A Budget

Sunday, 22 May 2016

I've wanted to make an art gallery for the longest time on my feature wall in my bedroom. Being a very visual person quotes, images, typography and arty prints make me really inspired and motivated! I just didn't have the money for the fancy art prints and to buy super expensive frames so I managed to do it on the cheap so easily! I thought I'd share with you how I did it so you can do it too!

WARNING: Frames may not be all straight in the post hahah! I'm terrible at making them straight but I tried!!

I knew I wanted my gallery wall to fit in with the theme of my bedroom colours and decoration. Pink, white and the occasional spot of copper and rose gold. I think I did pretty well to achieve that. I pinned a crap tonne of other people's gallery wall to get a feel for what I liked.

I learnt from pinning the images and creating a mood board that I liked the mixture of frames, shapes and types of things on the gallery wall so I set out with that in mind. I have a variety of frames on the wall some of them are copper and I have some that are just standard a4 frames. Other's are more decorative frames but I decided to space them out to add something a little extra. 

My favourite places to find frames on a budget:
-B and M
-Poundland/poundworld any kind of pound shop
-Home Bargains
-The Range (in the clearance section)

For everyone that asks the rose gold frames are from B and M!

Favourite places to find prints and canvases: 
-B and M
-Coconut Lane
-That Lame Company
-Paperchase (post cards)
-The Range 

Another clever way to do it is to make some of your own art prints. That's what I've done for quite a few of mine. The whole idea for my gallery wall after I got back from New York as I wanted a way to display some of the bags I go over there. My Sephora bag, Mac bag, Victoria Secret and I always wanted a way to display all my boarding passes and tickets I got for the empire state so you can see them dotted through out these pictures. 

See the marble print right at the top? I made that one too and all that I had to do was buy some marble wrapping paper (from Katie Leamon) and cut it to size to fit the frame and voila! 

I also made the lipstick kisses one. I've seen them all over and there was no way I was paying what people were charging for them. All I had to do was raid my ever growing lipstick collection and kiss a wall for 50 minutes and have numb lips. No pain no gain! That frame is the one I get asked about the most!

Hanging them was much easier than I expected, few lots of nails and abit of order and you'll be done in no time. I decided I didn't want the copper frames too close together and I wanted to try and get a different style of frame to the one next to it each time. I just kept it mixed up and added a variety. 

If you want to know where I bought any specific prints then just pop a comment below or ask me on Twitter and I'll let you know. I didn't want a massive long list on the blog post haha but I'll be more than happy to tell you where I got each thing from! 

Please pin the below image, I will love you forever!

What do you think to gallery walls? Do you have one? Does this make it sound/look easier? Let me know below! If you want to see more of my bedroom let me know in the comments below, I'll be more than happy to do that.

"A friend is one who overlooks your broken fence to admire the flowers in your garden"