Mid Week Catch Up – 3 Exciting Things!


It’s been such a while since I took the time to step back and just have a chat with you all about things going on and what’s been happening with me. So I’m doing exactly that today because I’m so happy with life and everything at the moment that I could burst with excitement for things to come! Well the first thing I’m very happy to tell you all is I’ve only gone and landed the job of my dreams.…

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10 Small Ways To Become More Positive

small ways to be more positive

Notice how the heading of this post isn’t ’10 ways to become instantly happy and positive all the time’ it’s just not viable. How on earth can someone expected to be positive every single day! I try and be positive whenever I can but I’m not afraid to show I’m having a bad day, it’s normal to have abit of a wobble but hopefully if you’re stuck in a negativity rut these 10 small things you can do may help.…

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Scrub Love – Mint Temptations

scrub love

I’ve seen coffee scrubs bouncing around the world of Instagram a lot recently and I’ve always wanted to try one. I love a gritty scrub otherwise I feel like it’s doing nothing! So I went ahead and decided to check out Scrub Love and fell in love with everything they are about so I thought I’d share with you a bit about them and their scrub in today’s post! Scrub Love areΒ an ethically sourced, fair trade, organic and cruelty-free brand…

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France, The Perfect Couple Getaway


Just like the wedding, your honeymoon should be extra special and what better way to make it remarkable than spending it in the City of Lights, Paris. Whilst Paris is the tiniest department of France, it is probably the most famous because it is one of the world’s richest and most significant centres in terms of history, culture and arts. The city offers some of the best destinations, making it the perfect place to spend a honeymoon with your partner…

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Products I Forget About

prodoucts that I forget about

I have a fair amount of make up. Ok scrap that, I have way more make up than one person will ever need. I buy make up, use it repeatedly and then it just gets lost in my collection. I loose interest in it, I move onto better products and some products just get ditched. Quite alot of products as you’ll find out in today’s post. I thought I’d share some products that just didn’t wow me for whatever reason,…

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