The New Bloggiest Brushes Around?

girls with attitiude make up brushes

We all love ourselves some rose gold Zoeva brushes and some marble Spectrum sets but move along every brush brand on the planet because I’ve found the new best thing around! Prepare to be blown away by the beauty of these brushes! I think they are so different from what we see around brush wise now. I thought Zoeva was unique with their rose gold compared to the traditional all black makeup brushes but Girls With Attitude (GWA from now…

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73 Blog Photography Prop Ideas (You’ll Already Own!!)

blog prop ideas, blog props

I love using various blog photography props in my photos. Some you’ll see alot in pretty much most of my photos and then others you’ll see now and again and some I just use as a one off. I feel like props can really make a photo but not everyone can hunt down the goodies and some of you reading this may be looking for more inspiration for new props. So that’s what you’re getting today!! You’ll also probably own most or almost…

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10 Quotes That’ll Make A Bad Day Instantly Better

ten quotes ot make a bad day better

Hi guys! I hope your all having an amazing day and you’re here for some daily motivation and inspiration but if your having a pretty crappy day then let’s try and turn it all around right now! Let’s face it we all have shitty days. It’s the way life goes when the week has been far too long and you’ve spent the week just trying to hold your eyes open. I decided to carry on from my previous 10 quotes that will…

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Careers: Visual Merchandiser..What Is It?!


What is a visual merchandiser? It’s someone who is responsible for drawing in the customers to a fashion brand. They may work in teams in larger companies or they could be in charge of the retail display at a boutique on their own. It requires a creative eye and if you’re looking to gain experience in this kind of career you can do so by taking visual merchandising courses to learn the tricks of the trade! To start with, you…

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3 Brown MAC Lipsticks Everyone Needs

brown lips, brown lipsticks

I am really drawn to wearing brown toned lipsticks at the moment. I’m such an Autumnal cliche in what is supposed to be Summer..oops! If you’re like me and wear all colours all year around then here is three MAC brown tones you’re going to love! Mac – Velvet Teddy (Matte) I really don’t feel like Mac do the greatest job at making their formulas matte. I find their matte formulas really moisturizing but only because it isn’t matte! I…

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