12 Out Of The Box Ways To Support Bloggers You Love

It seems gone are the days where we would all flock to our laptops at 8pm on a Wednesday evening to join in with a weekly natter over on Twitter. Whilst it makes me a little sad that the community has changed in the six months that I’ve been gone it’s interesting to see the ways the community is developing and which direction we all seem to be going in. Praising others and supporting the hard work they put into their content has always been important to me, it always feels nice to be appreciated! I thought I’d share some out of the box ways you can share your support with fellow bloggers in the community that aren’t your run of the mill standard RT’s and blog comments.


Direct Pins: There are so very many ways you can use Pinterest to your advantage as a blogger – perhaps I ought to write a post with some tips for you all! Anyway, you can get a browser extension which allows you to share peoples blog posts incredibly easily. It’s a matter of reading a post you enjoy and with an image that takes your fancy, go ahead and click your Pinterest browser button, choose which board to share it to and voila! It’s incredibly easy and such a nice method of going out of your way to help others.



Follow Friday’s & highlights: With Instagram and it’s ever-changing ways it’s becoming really difficult to keep up with all of our favourites and find new people to follow. I heavily rely on the fun shares people take to their stories to do! Sharing their favourite accounts and appreciation for their hard work, usually in the form of a ‘follow Friday’. Take it one step further and create highlights featuring all your favourite accounts, bloggers and posts you’ve spotted! If you really want to share appreciation for a blogger you could easily go ahead and add a little sentence to why you love following their account!

Ask a question: Engagement on Instagram is near painful and really quite frustrating! Gone are the days where people would leave insightful comments and it’s sad! Be someone who engages with your favourite accounts, make it a rule to ask someone a question on their posts! Be the person who actually reads the caption written and reply based on the caption! It really makes the world of a difference.

Turn notifications on: I only have notification on for 10 of my ultimate favourite people. Instagram is having a huge impact on us as bloggers and we no longer see the posts we want to so having notifications on ensures me I will never miss a post from my all time favourite blogs!



Start a twitter list: open it as a column on Tweetdeck! Now it might not seem like this is a day to directly support a blogger but really, it makes sharing their tweets and links far easier when you have a refined list of your favourite people who you can easily retweet!


Sign up to their newsletter: By taking the extra effort and few minutes you can keep totally in the loop with your favourite bloggers. It’s a nice little reminder in your inbox when bloggers publish new posts to their blog!

Click their social links: I would discover a blog that I love and quickly go ahead and follow via Bloglovin and be on my way. I started to realise I was missing out by not clicking through to all of their social channels! Soon as I started to I discovered so many more people to follow on Instagram, Youtube channels I’d have never discovered otherwise and it became an important step for me when reading/finding blogs!

Shop through their links: Most bloggers we see today are using affiliate links and really, there is nothing wrong with that! I see far too many people grumbling about bloggers using sponsored links that earn them a small commission but it’s quickly becoming the norm. If you want to buy the latest Laura Mercier foundation then why not scout about to see if anyone has an affiliate code you can use. This gets you the foundation you were going to buy anyway and supports a blogger by giving them a small commission! It’s a win win!


Other Ideas

Support their small business: Many bloggers have taken the community by storm and have started their own small businesses. Selling custom prints, planners, offering photography services, offering creative business coaching, printable and more! If you love a blogger and you’re in a position to help them, check around on Etsy first! Need a print for your bedroom wall? Don’t just go to Oliver Bonas, see if your favourite bloggers are offering what you need. A few of my favourite Etsy shops are  Dorkfaceshop, Sweetallureshop, Paperchicplans, Whatlyddid (on holiday until 12th may) and Aliceredshop.

Suggest bloggers you love to PR’s: This one is such a personal and lovely way to spread love and share support to fellow bloggers. It’s so beyond flattering when brands want to work with you but not every opportunity will be suited to you and your blog. In times like that, recommend a blogger who it would suit! For example, if you are strictly a beauty blog and you get an opportunity to review some sunglasses you feel doesn’t fit then why not go ahead and share a blog or two who you feel the opportunity would suit perfectly.

Keep them informed when they’ve been featured: I appreciate it so much when I’ve been featured in a blog post and the writer of the post will @ me and send me a link I might not have seen otherwise! If you mention someone in a blog post, take an extra moment to share the link with them, they’ll love to see it. If you see a blogger mentioned in a post then throw a tweet their way!

Buy advertising on their blog: this is really only relevant if you’re in a position to do this but if your favourite blog is offering to advertise and you’re looking for a boost on your social media profiles with some shout outs and features on their social media then advertising is a brilliant way to go out about it!


You know what I’m going to ask of you…Please leave a comment below with your favourite ways to share the love and support for fellow bloggers!



  1. 12/05/2018 / 8:45 pm

    This is such a helpful list, and I’m loving the idea of starting a twitter list (especially because my faves are often drowned out for RT accounts). Thanks so much for sharing this!

    My favourite way to share the love is leaving comments wherever I can on their blogs. Because no matter how often we tell ourselves that we blog because we love it, it is uplifting to see comments on a post you’ve spent so long on!

    • throughthemirror
      18/05/2018 / 9:30 am

      It’s so lovely to receive comments on blog posts you’ve worked hard on! It’s nice that people appreciate your efforts! Thanks for reading lovely!

    • throughthemirror
      22/05/2018 / 4:39 pm

      This is such a good one! Kind, thoughtful and considerate!

  2. 10/06/2018 / 5:40 pm

    There are so many ways to support each other.I love following everyone on Bloglovin, as it’s the easiest way to find my favorite bloggers in one place all together.
    Helene // Beautiful Is My Attire

  3. 30/07/2018 / 12:05 am

    Aww Caitlin this is such a lovely post. I’m trying hard to support my favourite bloggers more-it can be difficult to find the time, but I’m having a reading and commenting spree tonight which is a good start.

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