50 Ways To Practice Self Care


We often spend a big part of our lives maintaining relationships with partners and people in our lives and taking care of them. But, how many of us actually take time out for ourselves? I know that I never used to, I’d be too busy pleasing and helping others (which I still do) but now I actively take part in self-care because it’s so important to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself not only for your physical health but your mental health too, it’ll do you the world of good! Here is 50 ways you can take time out for yourself right now!

  1. A nice hot bubble bath
  2. Take another route to work instead of your usual way
  3. Get an early night!
  4. Paint your nails
  5. Cook a nice meal for yourself
  6. Unplug for a while – don’t touch your phone, laptop, tv, computer do something else!
  7. Take a nap
  8. Splurge a little – treat yo’ self!
  9. Work out – or even just go for a nice walk!
  10. Go out to eat – forget the cooking, let someone else do it!
  11. Get lost in the weird side of Youtube without needing to do other things
  12. Dance around the house like a total loon
  13. Dye your hair (obviously you don’t have to do this but it always makes me feel refreshed)
  14. Cut back on the caffeine – your body will thank you!
  15. Keep a ‘happy journal’ – carry it around with you and write out each moment you feel happiness!
  16. Give yourself an at home spa treatment
  17. De clutter your bedroom – you’ll feel so much better afterwoods!
  18. Stay in your pj’s all day long!
  19. Take time to delete and unfollow those on social media who are not your cup of tea and don’t feel bad about it!
  20. Write lists about anything and everything!
  21. Get lost in a book for a few hours
  22. Light some yummy candles!
  23. Have a glass of wine!
  24. Go to the cinemas with someone
  25. Laugh. Just laugh at anything. Watch funny videos, read funny things. Laughing is so good for you!
  26. Keep track of your accomplishments – write them down!
  27. Get lost in Pinterest for as long as you want and dream of all the things none of us can afford
  28. Do a DIY (millions on pinterest)
  29. Do absolutely nothing at all
  30. Go somewhere, anywhere. Somewhere you’ve never been!
  31. Have a hot chocolate and don’t hold back on the cream!
  32. Watch a movie
  33. And don’t forget the snacks. Onion rings are winning life guys!
  34. Eat chocolate. AND don’t feel bad about doing so either
  35. Get a hair cut
  36. Get lost for hours playing the Sims
  37. Mediate – I don’t mean cross your legs and hum research different ways to do it!
  38. Learn some yoga poses for stress relief
  39. Give your face abit of love and treat it to a nice pampering face mask
  40. Learn to say ‘NO’ – two simple letter, yet often so hard to say. Learn to do it and you wont look back!
  41. Be alone. When I want to take time out for myself I like to be alone with my thoughts
  42. Clean! They say a clean house is a clean mind so get to it!
  43. Go out and about with your camera and admire the beauty of where you live
  44. Browse online at all the things you can’t afford and dream of when you can afford it (this one I do alll the time!)
  45. Steam your face. Get some essential oils, a bowl of boiling water and a towel. Hover your head over it. LUSH!
  46. Listen to a podcast
  47. Go outside, lie on your back and watch the clouds (providing it’s not wet of course)
  48. Listen to music, just lay back and listen to the words in the music. You’ll notice the lyrics even more!
  49. Organize your wardrobe!
  50. Have a lie in. It wont kill you!

There must be one thing on this list that you can do right this second. Just stop what your doing close your eyes, scroll through the post and point your finger to one. Open your eyes and see which one is selected and choose that one! Just take some time out for yourself, look after your bodies and your minds!

If there is any that I have missed then please feel free to mention below what you like to do to take time out and care for yourself 🙂

“Your mind is a powerful thing. Fill it with positive thoughts and your life will begin to change”


  1. 18/11/2016 / 4:34 pm

    Great suggestions! Quite a few of these I try and do on a weekly basis – going out for a meal once a week, having a shopping spree. After a long day at work, I like to get lost in the Sims, too! x http://www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x

  2. 19/11/2016 / 11:47 am

    I cut down on caffeine recently and it feels SO good! Best decision ever. Never gonna stop eating chocolate though 🙂

  3. Abby Evans
    21/11/2016 / 5:45 pm

    This is such a great comprehensive list. My favorite ways to practice self care have to be Lush baths, listening to music, and lighting candles. All of those combined make for such a relaxing evening!

    Abby Talks

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