8 Important Things I’ve Learnt About Car Care & Driving Since Passing*

Let me tell you girls and boys…passing my test was a damn long journey and a stressful one at that! I began taking driving lessons two hours a week from the age of 17. I’m 21 now and only passed my driving test in February! I failed my theory test 5 times..FIVE TIMES by one mark each and every time and I had a total ‘I give up attitude’ but I remembered the freedom it’d give me and how valuable having my own car would be so I stuck it out and I booked my test! Don’t ask how I passed my driving test because I thought that I’d failed it in the first three minutes of getting in the car and the rest was pretty much a blur but I thought It’d be fun to share with you guys 20 things I’ve learnt about driving and my car since passing!

1. Getting in the car by yourself the first time feels illegal | The day I got my car I was so giddy and dragged my mum out for a drive (she cant drive) I drove around for 20 minutes straight…well I say drove…I didn’t move from the bloody spot because I was in such a fluster of excitement that every time I went to set off I’d stall. It was only 20 minutes later that I realised I had my hand brake on the entire time! We were driving and I won’t ever forget how weird it felt to be driving a car, knowing that nobody could help me and I was totally on my own. My mum didn’t have a clue about cars, what I was doing and she certainly couldn’t break for me so it was a lot of pressure that very first time! The feeling went away though, don’t worry!


2. It’s really flipping expensive | I knew that getting a car would be expensive but jeez, not this expensive! I wanted to build a good credit history so I got my car on second hand finance at £102 a month which is fine but then on top of that my insurance is £135 a month. How silly is that?! My insurance costs more than my car! I’m lucky that £30 a month is all it costs for me to fill my car (I’m not going very far!) and I have a 2012 Citroen C1 with is £0 road tax. But, you’ll find that £200+ a heartbreaking to part with each month!


3. You will protect your car with your life and defend it to no end! | My spacial awareness really isn’t all that good but oooooooooooh if someone comes near my car whilst reversing, if someone breathes near my car I hawk eye at them. I don’t want my baby to be rolling around with scratches on her, she is a very expensive object to own I will have you know and you will hawk eye everyone who reverses near your car. Maybe it’s just me because I’M so bad at reversing! hahaha


4. The novelty of putting petrol in will wear off | I got so excited to top my car up with petrol when I passed. I couldn’t wait to do it again, it’s something I’d never experienced doing before and it was a responsibility that had me feeling like an adult. Give it a maximum of ten visits to the petrol station before you’re saying ‘aaaaah sod it, I’ve got about three miles in here before I run out, that beeping alarm warning me I need to top up is lying’ and you’ll drag it out for as long as humanly possible! Writing this post has just reminded me that I need to top my car up on the way home because yes, my petrol light is beeping and yes…I will probably forget to do it and then remember in the morning and have to do a mad dash to the petrol station!


5. You will get really pissed off with learner drivers! | This one I do feel a little bad at. When I passed my test I said I will always be courteous to learner drivers, that was me not too long ago. Oh my goodness let me tell you when you’re 25 minutes late for work and your on a 40mph road and your barely touching 30mph there will be a fair few swear words escaping your lips. Speed bumps. COME ON! We do not need to stop the bloody car, into first before going over a speed bump go, go, go! Turning corners, my goodness me! Not to mention how unexpectedly they break! I literally saw a learner driver car this morning with a ‘may break unexpectedly’ sticker stuck to the back! You will try with all your might to be all sweet and gentle about learner drivers but nope, you will soon be very irrationally irritated by them and you will scream ‘oh no!’ in your car when you find yourself stuck directly behind one!


6. You will become a taxi driver | Whether you want to or not get ready to be carting people about left right and center. When I passed my test everyone in my family said ‘we promise we wont rely on you to take us here and there’ LIES PEOPLE! ITS ALL LIES! It’s the ‘caaaaaaaitlin, please will you take me to the shop’ and ‘caaaaaitlin please will you go here and there and round here and get that and then go here but just stop off here and here first’ and you will roll your eyes more than you ever have before. Not to mention people get abit giddy ‘ooooh you have a car now, lets go here’ but whilst you do now have the freedom of the car your actually so damn broke because your paying for the thing that you can’t go on all these amazing road trips all the time and people seem to forget this, especially non-drivers!


7. Car tyres are way more important than I thought they would be | what kind of car wash you want to go through, hand car wash, machine?! Choices people! You will have to learn all kinds of things about Tyre tread depths and I actually had to replace a tyre on my car and I literally had no idea what to do! I googled to death and luckily now there are many firms, like Ossett Tyre House which is in Wakefield that provide an online facility of finding car tyres. Hallelujah! You can search for tyres by car registration and also by using the filters of width, rim size, profile and speed and let me tell you, it made my job one hell of alot easier and less stressful! You just go ahead, tap out your reg number and voila, tyres that fit your car will appear!


8. Car servicing is important! | I bought my car second hand and to save me money I turned down a car servicing before I bought the car. Error! It later came to light that my brake pads needed to be replaced and it ended up costing me more money than it would have done if I’d gone for a servicing before buying my car with the dealership. A car servicing is like a better MOT to simplify my explanation. It tests everything about your car and all the logistics of it to ensure it’s fully up to scratch for you. Something I shouldn’t have scrimped on I later learnt!


Are you currently learning to drive? If you’re already a driver then share in the comments with me something you’ve learnt about driving after passing your test!

*this post is sponsored but all words are my own and all opinions are my own.


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