About Me 

Hey, I’m Caitlin!

I’m a 21-year-old from Manchester with big dreams to see and photograph the world. My passion in life is photography and I have a rather large obsession with pink (if you haven’t caught the hint from my blog design!). I’m a lover of knitting, singing so off tune I sound like I’m swinging cats, beauty and obsessed with home decor.


About Through The Mirror 

I started my blog as an 18-year-old that had no idea which way in life I wanted to go. I felt like my creativity was lost and I needed something to keep me productive and my mind ticking over. With my love of beauty I started my blog as only posting beauty posts but if you read my blog you’ll quickly realize that my content is now very much varied! Plus, I need an excuse to spend money on excessive amounts of make up!



What camera do you use?

I use the Canon 600d with the 50mm lens, 24-70mm sigma lens and the 18-55mm lens.

Do you use natural lighting?

No, no I do not. I am terrible at taking photos when the light is considered a good time to photograph. Usually, I take my blog photos at stupid o’clock when I can’t sleep and there is certainly no daylight! For that reason I use softboxes which allow me to be much more flexible when I’m taking photos!

What is your skin type?

Can I answer this as ‘total pain in the arse’? haha! My skin type is combination but very blemish prone. There hasn’t been a day in the last 7 years that I haven’t had at least 5 spots on my face. I’m quite accepting of that and will get by with what I’m given. I’ve also got really dark circles under my eyes and my skin is textured as I get a dry but oily at the same time nose!

Hair type?

Oh lordy the only way I can describe my hair as is dead and wild. I have been every single colour under the sun and bleach has been my worst enemy through my teenage years. It’s in really quite bad condition. Very dry, very brittle and incredibly knotty. I recently had to get my hair cut short to my shoulders from my waist due to the amount of damage I’d inflicted!  I now have micro ring hair extensions and I am loving them, they have give me long hair again whilst I allow my short natural hair to grow and replenish.

When did you start your blog?

I started my blog on December 27th 2014 on a cold wintery snowy night and here we are three years later and I’ve never looked back!