An Under £10 Olaplex Dupe?! Knight & Wilson PurePlex Range

We all want that miracle treatment that is going to magically repair the years of damage we have subjected our hair to but let’s be honest, do we love the price that Olaplex comes at? I don’t! I’m a self-confessed hair dye junkie, always switching it up but it comes at a cost of usually more split ends than you care for. Knight & Wilson are a brand that is constantly competing with the big dogs in the hair industry and they took my world by storm recently when I was sent their PurePlex range and I couldn’t help but share these gems with you!

I have already repurchased the Pureplex Shampoo & Conditioner! Shampoo often dries out my over bleached hair and winds up making it feel worse than when I previously washed it. I love that it’s incredibly nourishing for my hair whilst still doing a perfect job of getting the oil out of my roots and maybe a build up of dry shampoo because hello, hair washing is a chore! The conditioner does an amazing job at locking in moisture in my hair, something which it painfully lacks! It doesn’t cause build up in my damaged hair and leaves it feeling soft and hydrated. It’s really benefitted me in helping me maintain healthier hair.

If there is one thing you purchase in your lifetime for your hair, it needs to be this! It’s incredible! It makes promises of stronger healthier hair after just one use and I can confirm, that’s exactly what I’d say it does too! It’s a four-step process with instructions that guide you along the way with instant results. Its not a chore like a process, it was really fun to add into a pamper night process and was easy to do in around 20 minutes! I would 100% recommend you try the PurePlex hair repair system* £12.99 product!


What’s your go to brand for hair care product? Do you have any recommendations for blonde bleached hair? Let me know!



  1. 15/07/2018 / 7:51 pm

    I think I really need to try this myself. My hair has been bleached three times in the last three weeks as I’m going from pink back to grey. I’m now putting the grey on, so the damage is stopping, and I’m going to get the split ends cut off-but still. Knight and Wilson are a fab brand, I swear by their dyes and so I’m sure this is good too.

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