Sponsored Posts | Occasionally I do feature sponsored posts on my blog but all of these posts will be written by myself and no third party content will be used on my blog. Opinions and wording will not be swayed and I own the right to what is posted. Any sponsored posts will be disclosed to my readers in a footnote at the bottom of the post.


Affiliate Links | From time to time affiliate links will be used on my blog posts to link to a specific product. This means that if you purchase through that link it will earn me a small (very small!) commission. Affiliates will be linking to products I would have featured in the post regardless so it really doesn’t make that big a difference.


PR Samples / Gifted | I consider myself EXTREMELY lucky to be able to work with the amazing brands I have and to be able to get exciting mail through my door. However, I’m picky about what I accept and I will only ever feature something that is of interest to me and that I am genuinely interested in using. Opinions are 100% my very own and all content will be written by me. Pr samples will be clearly disclosed with a (*) next to the product and link. Products can take up to 30 days to be reviewed and I will email the brand/pr company with the link to the post which has been scheduled within the 30 days.


Copyright | All images on my blog (unless otherwise stated) are my own. The yare subject to copyright and I do NOT give permission for images to be taken from my blog unless you have asked me for permission to do so, you link back to my blog if you are a blogger and you credit my image and the same to brands also. If you are a brand and wish to use my image then you are more than welcome to do so but you must credit my imagery.


Should you have any questions regarding this disclaimer then you are more than welcome to drop any questions though on an email to me at bloggingthroughthemirror@outlook.com