Goodbye England…FOR GOOD?! *Open For Major Life Updates*

It’s been almost two months since I sat down and waffled a load of brain jumble at you all but when you find out what has been happening behind the scenes I’m sure you’ll all see why! Travel has always been a massive dream of mine, to run away and see the world but pair that with crippling anxiety and you have yourself a multitude of indecisions and feelings of ‘oh, I can’t do this…let’s shove it in the box of ‘things anxiety has ruined for me’.

I hope this post brings you all a surge of ‘I can do it’ attitude because never did I ever think I would be at the point where I would be saying…

I’m moving to Boston, Massachusetts! (3,145 miles)

You might have already seen my announcement a few weeks ago over on my Instagram which you should totally follow if you aren’t already and the comments and support from you all have been so sweet and kind.

What will you be doing over there?!

This is probably my most asked question so I thought I’d take a stab at explaining it a little better through my blog for you all. I’ve been trained and have spent 5 years working in a nursery before I left to pursue photography. I’m going back to childcare but in a way that allows me to explore some more of the world and gain new experiences and a fresh outlook on life. I’ll be taking care of two beautiful children and living with such a lovely family who I can’t wait to meet and speak with often. I’ve always known that if I was to do this, it’d be through becoming an Au Pair.

I’ll also be going back to school…well, college as they call it over there and I honestly cannot wait! I won’t get a degree from it or any form of qualification but part of my visa requirement is that I study a certain number of hours whilst I’m over in the USA on my J1 visa. I’m weirdly really excited to return to academia, it’s been a while since I last got stuck into a textbook and research projects and I really want to challenge myself with it.

When do you leave & how long for?!

This is somewhat a bittersweet post as whilst I’m typing this to you all now with the exciting official news…I technically should have been sat on a flight yesterday and would be in Boston right this minute but due to a hiccup with my passport at the embassy, it has yet to arrive back here with me. My new flight date is yet to be determined but the moment it rolls around, I’ll be ready! I will be going over on a J1 visa which allows 2 years of stay in the United States but I have the option to then extend onto a student visa then if I so choose to!

What’s going to happen to your blog?!

Through The Mirror shall remain! Granted, I’m not going to be nearly as active as I used to be and you’ll likely find far more from me over on my Instagram. When I first began my blog, nearly five years ago I didn’t choose my blog name because of the beauty relation to it. To me, it’s always been a symbol of looking at myself through the mirror, reflections if you will. The want and desire to better myself & work on strengthening the reflection staring back at me. Precisely what I’m aiming to do right now!

My content, of course, is going to be switching up, naturally so. You’re more likely to find mental health, lifestyle, travel related posts, life updates and ‘dear diary’ style posts from me and of course still some occasional beauty posts when I go overboard in Sephora! I am going to miss the flatlays and the pretty pink and white aesthetic but I will find my feet and a new photography style but I really want to bring you guys along with me through this whole journey!

Mental health is important to me, I want to speak up about it far more than I do/have done. I want to help others realise their capabilities and to know that mental health doesn’t always beat you no matter how much it feels like it does & whilst the fight is an uphill battle, it’s a worthwhile one.

So this girl who’s frightened of the world outside her bedroom is moving 3000+ miles away from her comfort zone to throw herself in at the deep end in the hopes it’ll all plan out. It’s going to be rough at times, I’ve never really been away from home before, I’m incredibly close with my family and it’s going to bring all kinds of challenges but that’s what excites me! The positives outweigh the negatives so much, I’ll overcome fears, anxieties, meet new people, learn new things and experience so much more than what the four walls of my bedroom offer me. I finally feel like I’m going to be living and not just settling because shit got difficult & I chose to hide away. I’m going to fight everything that comes my way and come out stronger every time.

This might be my last post for quite some time whilst things are being worked out and I’m settling in but I will be back & any and all updates will be posted over on my Instagram too! Now, away I go, back to the packing of boxes and serving up the postman some puppy dog eyes just hoping he has my passport in his pile of mail!

Tell me a time you were proud of yourself! 

“When someone says you can’t do it, do it twice & take pictures.”



  1. 17/08/2018 / 10:38 am

    Best of luck with it all lovely!! I’m excited to see your journey xx

    Lauren |

  2. 19/08/2018 / 10:53 am

    Good luck sounds like it will be a great experience for you. Well done for pushing out of your comfort zone, I’m sure it would be worth it xxx

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