Halo E-Liquid Review*

Halo E-Liquid are a brand who’s ingredients are sourced in the UK and only food grade flavours are used. Made in the UK and sold in the UK for those who want to stop smoking! They have been re-branded, remixed and re-launched and have a wide flavour choice across the brand. I have six of those to review for you in today’s post!

It’s been four years since I quit the habit and yet sometimes in my alcohol intoxicated state I make the error of socially smoking for an evening and it’s always a regret the next morning when my mouth feels like an ashtray and the smell has saturated into my hair! I enjoy nothing more than a two hour shower after a night out to scrub away my poor judgement of the previous night! I stopped smoking the moment I took up vaping and I have been using it ever since. I have an E-Cig review coming up soon where I’ll speak more about vaping and why so if it’s of interest, keep an eye out for that one!

Packaging: Each bottle of Halo E-Liquid comes pleasantly packed in a black box with the brand name, flavour name and a very clear label stating ‘this product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance‘. It states the strength and bottle size along with ingredients clearly printed. Their branding is impressive with sleek black bottles and boxes with a white logo and different coloured flavour text. Their bottles are all child safe openings with the pointed opening to easily fill your e-cig. Halo E-Liquid are sold in 10ml bottles which are perfect for carrying around and enough to keep you going a while!


Flavour Payoff: I have been using the same brand and same flavour of e-liquid for three years now so it’s safe to say I was somewhat sceptical of just how much I would enjoy these new flavours. I couldn’t have been more wrong! They don’t get clogged up and aren’t thick liquids in my e-cig that later cause problems and the flavours are all true to their promise! They are a rich flavour that each give something new. The flavours I chose were:

Raspberry Crush*: Sweet and sharp with a flavour that reminds me of jam!

Bubble Trouble*: Sweet and fun flavour with a taste of mint that stops the sweet feeling sickly!

Pineapple Juice*: This reminds me of a cocktail! It’s summery, fruity and yummy!

BlackJack Twist*: I wanted to try this as I have been using a blackjack flavour for three years! It’s not quite the same as the e-liquid I’d been using for so long but it certainly is comparable! It tastes just like blackjack sweets that’ll take you back to being a kid! Y’know the fruit salad and blackjack chewy sweets?!

Summer Strawberry*: I’m a fan of sweet fruity flavours and this ticks all my boxes! It tastes like a fresh bowl of strawberries and puts me perfectly in the mood for summer to hurry up and arrive!

Pear Drops*: Probably my favourite hard boiled sweet I really wanted to put this to the test! It’s absolutely delicious and you get an amazing, strong pear drops flavour with this liquid! If you’re a fan of the sweets, you’ll love this!

Where From: Halo E-Liquid can be purchased from E-Cigarette Direct and they are a brand who sell many different brands of liquid, e-cigs, hundreds of flavours and they have a brilliantly designed website which is incredibly easy to navigate. They only sell products that have been tested for impurities and they really do stock the best of the best.

You have full choosing over the strength of your Halo E-Liquid which is great if you are starting out on a higher nicotine strength and want to progressively work your way down to lower levels of nicotine. They also offer 0mg flavours which is a really great way to vape even after you are no longer craving nicotine! You can pick up these liquids for just £3.99 each and I am so happy I made the switch from paying £10 for my regular liquid to these awesome liquids that give me just as much flavour pay off!

What made you stop smoking? Have you ever tried vaping? Let me know in the comments! Ooh, and don’t forget to keep an eye out for part two of this post where I review an E-Cigarette…plus a giveaway!


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