Laura Geller Pucker Up Trio In Nude Review & Swatches*

Laura Geller makeup has been making it’s rounds in the blogging world recently. Specifically their highlighters and lip products and I couldn’t wait any longer to get my hands on some. They brought out the Laura Geller Pucker Up Lipstick Trio in Nude* as a limited edition collection to celebrate their 20th anniversary. I thought I’d share a closer look at these gems with you guys!

I think this would make a perfect gift for someone. You get three lipsticks inside a beautifully decorated box and the packaging is all black, glossy and sleek. With a usual bullet style opening and twist up motion but they have a slanted flat surface for application. All shade names are written on the bottom as photographed too.


Their formula is probably one of my favourite types for when it comes to lipsticks. They are a satin finish so you get more hydration than with matte lippies and they are so soft and buttery that they glide on your lips with zero effort. They feel light on the lips and it’s easy to apply an even colour and they’re beautifully pigmented. I cannot fault the feel and ease of these lipsticks. There is no bleeding of the colour and when they do fade, they fade evenly and they don’t leave you with the dreaded lip liner rim around your lips!

The three shades you get in the Laura Geller Pucker Up Trio are as follows:

Vanilla | Vanilla would be an every day nude for me. Not too light to look like foundation lips and not too dark that it’s more vampy or brown. It does have the lovely brown toned nude feels to it but with a pinkier colouring.

Violet | The most beautiful shade I think I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s a satin finished gorgeous metallic looking lipstick with rose gold flecks. It’s really difficult to describe but the photo shows it better below! Looks lovely as a lip topper too and I’d compare it to Jouers Skinny Dip!

Lavender | The deepest of the nudes with a terracotta colour to it. Quite cool toned and doesn’t make my teeth look yellow!

Top to bottom: Lavender, Violet, Vanilla

The only downside I experienced from these which for me, is a standard with most lipsticks is their longevity isn’t the highest. I did find that I would have to top these up once around lunch time, which for me is no big deal but it’s something to think about if you prefer a lipstick to last you all day long. I found they only struggled to stay on the lips when eating so I’d top it up after lunch and I’d be good to go for the rest of the day!


The Laura Geller Pucker Up Trio in Nude* really does make a wonderful gift and for £25 you are getting three lipsticks for pretty much the price of one high end lipstick. It works out that they would be a little over £8 each and to me that are 100000% worth that price! Trust me, once you’ve tried this formula then you are going to wonder where you’ve been hiding!

Do these sound up your street? Which is your favourite shade?



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