Mays Non-Beauty Favourites

It’s been a while since I did a favourites post around here and this month I’ve been less beauty obsessed and have been loving more lifestyle related things! My skin has been going a little weird recently so I’ve tried to cut back on the makeup as much as possible to give my skin a rest. Want to know what I’ve been loving? Keep reading!

I have been really loving photography at the moment so I have two photography favourites at the moment. My Canon 50mm lens 1.8 will always be a firm favourite! I use it for blog photography and my actual portrait photography and I’m not sure I’d ever like to be without it. Even if I am lusting for the 35mm Sigma art lens. Okay, I’ll stop being a lens nerd!

For Christmas, my Auntie didn’t know what to get me but knows my love of photography so she got me a 12-month subscription to the Digital Photography magazine! Seriously recommend this if you are into photography. It’s helped me learn new skills and techniques, given me new ideas and it’s far less daunting than reading a photography book. Each one is a different topic from portraiture, landscapes to wildlife and macro photography. I just love flicking through these and learning new things!

Not really something I can photograph but going for spontaneous walks! I honestly don’t get out of the house enough and I was becoming a bit of a hermit sitting in with my laptop every weekend! I had a random thought of going for a walk with my niece the other day as I wanted to snap some outdoorsy style photographs for my portfolio and I had the best four-hour walk exploring a forest near where I live. Below and above you can see some photos I took on our little adventure!!

Can you really beat fresh flowers? Having a fresh bunch of flowers each week has brightened up my room with a little more colour and they are so pretty to look at! Tulips are my go to flowers at the moment and this Dartington Crystal Tulip Vase* is what I use to house them, it’s so beautiful and splays the flowers so well! The lip of the vase keeps the tulips upright whilst allowing the actual flower to stem over the vase and they look gorgeous on my windowsill!

I’m not really the biggest fan of Social Media right now and I really think there is becoming such a negative strong divide in the community (not that I think its necessary but never mind). I’ve kind of blown off Twitter altogether and I do Instagram as and when I please rather than sticking to set times. Instead, I’ve been all up in the Pinterest game right now. It’s so inspiring, everything is at your fingertips and I’m such a visual person that filling up my boards with images is really rather pleasing to me. You know what else is great about Pinterest? 1) It’s great for blog traffic and 2) Not a single bit of drama in sight…it’s heavenly! If you want to follow me there you can do so by clicking here and make sure to leave your Instagram link below so I can follow you all!

I’m not sure why the sudden change in me but I have been loving using pen and paper to plan things out this month! I’m the typical type of girl to lose everything. I put something down and ten minutes later I can’t remember where I put it so I switched to using spreadsheets for planning content but since I picked up this gorgeous stationery from TK Maxx I can’t be without it! I have a ‘don’t forget’ pad where I can make quick notes for myself and a weekly desk planner. I use it to plan out work meetings, freelancing jobs and my blog content!


I love switching up the scents I’m using which is why I’ve always been drawn to favour wax melts over candles, I never manage to use candles up because I move on so fast! I have been unable to use melts for ages because I dropped and broke my Yankee Candle melter! I now have a Bolsius* wax melt burner and I love it! It’s white and simplistic yet looks really nice amongst my decor and I have two packs of their wax melts too. They smell so delicious! I have the Bolsius Vanilla and Magnolia* melts and they fill the room with the sweetest freshest scents that I cannot get enough of!

On the theme of home fragrances, I have fallen in love with room fragrances. You know when you don’t realise just how much you need something until you get it? Yeaaaaaah that’s the case with the Body Shop Green Tea and Lemon room spray. Guys, this stuff. You need it. It’ll be a game changer for you! I have repurchased this four times now and will continue to do so, spritzing this on my soft furnishings makes the scent last ages!

I really was beginning to wonder if this little lady would be here in time for this post! Of course, she just has to be in my favourites post! Lots of you have met Lilly across my social media before and in this post and now here is her little sister, Scarlett! She’s the cutest little bundle of baby I ever did see and she was born 28/5/17 at 7:51 am weighing 9lbs. Baby shopping here I come!

Lets make June a great one shall we?! What have you been loving in May?



  1. 30/05/2017 / 8:21 am

    I’ve been using Neutrogena for a while as well, really like it. And… what a beautiful little baby!! Have a great week! 🙂
    x finja ~

  2. 07/06/2017 / 11:43 am

    I love having a bunch of fresh flowers in the house – always brightens the place up. That stationery is goals!

  3. 09/06/2017 / 11:28 pm

    Love this post! I have the same problems with candles so I might try out a wax melter also. Thanks for the suggestion. I also love how impactful drag flowers can be on my mood, so this inspired me to buy them more often 🙂

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