My Entire Antipodes Collection & Mini Reviews

You should know by now if you follow me on Instagram (if you dont, then you totally should!) that I am Antipodes number one fan. It’s the one skincare brand that I am devoted to, it’s the brand I will always return to when I’m low on their products and it’s a brand I will always repurchase because I can’t be without my hero products. It’s become clear from Instagram that many of you guys haven’t tried Antipodes before so I thought I’d share a little insight to my collection, more about the products and the benefits they promote for your skin!

Who are Antipodes?

It all started in New Zealand when founder and director Elizabeth Barbalich built her company on a cutting edge combination of the highest quality ingredients from New Zealand nature and raw super-fruit extracts with science and innovation and in turn produced the highest quality formulations. Antipodes is in fact a certified organic and vegetarian brand and their products are derived from natural sources. Antipodes is now sold in 13 countries and their products continue to win multiple beauty and health awards in the industry.


Hallelujah Lime & Patchouli Cleanser | £22.99 | A cleanser that actually cleans the skins surface and works to radiate skin. Key ingredients being carrot seed oil which reviatalises and clears the skins surface whilst promoting skin that glows. Avocado oil is the base of this product and it’s high in Omega 3 and 9 and is extremely nourishing to the skin. Jojoba protects and conditions skin and leaves you feeling fresh and uplifted. I adore the packaging of this product which is in a brown tinted bottle with a pump dispenser. This is a really thick cream cleanser which almost feels like a moisturiser so it took me a little while to get used to using this. It has a fresh and earthy scent to it which I don’t love but I sure as hell don’t hate it!


Aura Manuka Honey Mask | £24.99 | Let’s face it, if you are going to know about any product in this post it’s going to be this one! It’s a cult favourite, loved by many including myself! Allow me to explain why you need this gem in your life. Promises of it being a deeply cleansing, moisturising and anti-oxidising treatment it’s not wrong! It features a remedy used by traditional New Zealand Maori people, manuka honey which draws moisture to your skin and hydrates it immediately. It smells deliciously fruity and fresh with a scent of vanilla in there too. It’s much lighter on my skin than other masks and it’s suitable for everyday use on the skin which is brilliant! It advises you to use this every day for 15 minutes in the evening and then rinse off with warm water and a wash cloth. I feel instant hydration to my skin after using this beauty!

Grapeseed Butter Cleanser | £24.99 | I bought this when I saw Rebecca (fromroses) blog about this being one of her all time favourite products. I needed to try it! I was most intrigued by the little knobbly beads inside of this product and my curiosity just had to be satisfied so I picked it up! Suitable for sensitive skin with the ingredients lavender and blue chamomile which soothe those with sensitive skin needs and the hibiscus flower in the product brings your skin a very gentle natural exfoliation. Vinanza Grape extract is an antioxidant ingredient and pairs with sauvignon blanc grape seeds have scientifically proven to help repair skin from radical damage and is an ingredient that has the highest level of antioxidants. It’s a rich butter which leaves my skin feeling really soft and supple and fresh.


Apostle Skin Brightening Serum | £44.99 | Those of you who have been a long time reader of my blog will know that I do NOT splurge on skincare because my skin is so temperamental that it changes what it wants week by week and one week something can work and the week after I’ll break out in spots. It’s a little more expensive in comparison to the rest of their range yet I continue to repurchase this and if I was to recommend only one product from this post, it’d be this! It’s a skin brightening and tone correcting serum which you apply daily to your face and neck. It’s a rather peculiar colour and is brown in colour but smells so fruity! This product addresses redness in the face and discolouration and has a very subtle exfoliating effect and it gives my skin a lovely moisture boost. I cannot tell you how much this gem has made my skin look more alive and preppy. It gives my skin a lovely ‘glow from within’ look to it and I cant be without this!


Worship Antioxidant Serum | £34.99 | My second favourite product that’s also a bizarre brown colour but smells so deliciously fruity and natural! It helps your skin fight the early signs of aging and draws out impurities and it’s suited to all skin conditions! It’s made my skin look naturally ‘clean’ after using this. My pores are less clogged and it’s really refreshing to use on the skin. I love the pipette dropper too, I always feel so posh using the dropper that they come with ha! You apply before moisturiser and on your way you go!


Grace Gentle Cream Cleanser£24.99 | Sometimes when my skin is going through a major break out stage and I look like Frankenstein I need something that is calming and gentle to my very angry looking skin. Something that I don’t have to worry about irritating my breakouts with and the Grace cleanser is exactly that! It clears impurities from the skin whilst effectively removing makeup and it’s a certified organic product! It has ingredients that promote anti-inflammatory and softening ingredients to give your skin a supple moisturised feel. It’s 100% fragrance free and is suitable for the most sensitive of skin!


Saviour Skin Balm£28.99 | You might be sitting there wondering what use a tin of balm is but this is such an amazing multi purpose balm product! It has antibacterial and antifungal healing properties whilst repairing skin at the same time. You just soften some of the balm in your fingers to melt it somewhat and then apply to the areas of your skin that need extra care. Suitable for the face, lips and body and can be used for multiple purposes such as grazes, dry and cracked skin, chapped lips, skin troubles, soothes after shaving, natural baby care product, blemishes, relieves sore muscles, hydrate your skin in-flight, ease sunburn and treating your feet. Bet you never knew this amazing product could do all that did you? You know what one of my favourite uses for this product is? Soothing after I’ve shaved my lady garden! Sorry Antipodes if you’re reading this but for real, this thing really fights off those ingrown hairs and prevents the painful dreaded razor burn! You’ll never look back! I just apply a little to my fingers and smoosh it onto my bikini line and it naturally absorbs and voila! Thank me later guys, you have to try it!

Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream£34.99 | I think this is another cult favourite of Antipodes products and another I cannot argue against! I love the stuff! Promotes anti-aging by night and beautiful skin by day and it says that there is no better way to resurrect your skin than with the superior restorative qualities of 100% avocado oil. Features ingredients that heal and repair skin whilst soothing and moisturising at the same time. Big promises and it doesn’t let down with the beautiful scented thick cream that soaks into the skin like a dream and has me waking up with skin feeling fresh and ready!


Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream£29.99 | My skin needs all the hydration it can get as it gets progressively dryer throughout the day and even worse in the colder months of the year. I knew I had to try the sister product of the night cream and it promised me so much! Described as light but intensive cream that feels beautifully fresh and alive on your face. As I typed that sentence I’m sat here nodding my head like one of those dash board dogs from Churchill (does anyone know what I’m referring to here?!) because I couldn’t have put it better myself! It feels amazing on the skin and my make up applies over the top so well! Edit: I wrote this post in advance and when coming to proofread to schedule and make sure I’d included everything it turns out I actually have one of these open that I’m using and two more still in their box and I didn’t even realise! I think that shows just how much I love this brand!


Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream£27.99 | This is one of those products I never knew I needed until I started using it. I tend to neglect my eyes the most out of everything and it’s kind of the thing we should be working to take care of the most so I decided it was time to add a new product to my collection and so this has been my newest purchase. I didn’t want anything that’d sit too heavy or make that area oily as I do have rather sensitive eyes so when this promised it was a luscious yet light cream I knew I had to try it. It works to soften fine lines and nourish the whole eye area and leave you feeling refreshed and it does exactly that without hurting or making my eyes water! Winner Winner!

Rejoice Light Facial Day Cream£26.00 | Sometimes creams can sit a little heavy on my face during the day and makes my skin feel moggy and clogged and then I get over oily. It’s great to be able to have a lighter day cream that still delivers everything a heavier one would. It’s light, non-oily and enhances your skins natural hydration. It’s organic certified and works to boost collagen in your skin and softens and nourishes without clogging your pores. Sweet almond oil and vanilla give this cream the lightest scent which is lovely and refreshing.


Divine Face Oil Avocado Oil & Rosehip£19.99 | Facial oils are pretty new to me but as soon as I got on board I knew that I’d be turning to Antipodes to rescue my skin with my new found love for oils, so I picked up Divine! It’s so light on the skin and isn’t at all greasy, my skin just drinks this up! Boosting hydration levels and softening skin whilst working to give your skin a gorgeous glow it sure is an oil that I had to have! Ylang Ylang balances and regulates skin texture and it’s another wonder product that is certified organic!


Is it safe to say we have established I love Antipodes?! Maybe I need a shirt that says ‘I love Antipodes’ ha! Seriously, this brand is insanely good and totally worth the higher pricetag compared to other skincare brands and they offer such an amazing selection of skincare for all skin types and concerns and I’ve never really tried a skincare brand who I can toot their horn as much as I can with Antipodes because, well they’re brilliant! This post is also not sponsored in anyway whatsoever despite it probably sounding like it is with just how much I harp on and rave about them haha!


Please do let me know in the comments below which of the products in this post tickled your fancy the most!



  1. 04/09/2017 / 8:27 am

    After this post, I really need to try out some of their products!I have seen them many times around but never really picked up one yet!For some reason, I thought that they were more expensive but they are actually okay!What I’m the most excited to try out in the future is the Balm one (after your recommendation haha),the face oil and ofcourse the mask cos you can never have enough masks around <3

    xx Aphrodite ~ BubblyBeauty

    • throughthemirror
      06/09/2017 / 2:55 pm

      The balm is literally soooo good! Let me know what you get when you decide to try!!

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