Scrummy Scented Beauty Products

I dread to think how many beauty products I have bought just because just because it looks pretty and smells to die for! There is just something so good about using products that have that little extra something. For today’s post I thought I’d share with you some beauty products that smell good enough to eat! I didn’t cheat and use bath products and things, this is just makeup products!


TooFaced Papa Don’t Peach BlushDoes anyone remember that doll from your childhood, I think it was called baby all gone and you had a spoon with cherries on and when you fed the baby the cherries would disappear? The cherries smelt so good and this blush reminds me of childhood a little! It’s not an obnoxiously strong scent it’s just the right amount of peach in there and it’s delicious!


Bourjois Contouring Illusion Bronzer & HighlighterThis isn’t the most effective contouring product in my collection but it’s great for every day wear. I used to have the chocolate bronzer and I loved the chocolate scent in that powder but I hated the product. I picked this up and I was so happy when it had that same chocolate scent!

Charlotte Tilbury PillowtalkVery similarly scented like the Mac lipsticks with the creamy vanilla scent. I don’t know why but when lipsticks have that scent to them I just automatically see them as a little better than lipsticks that don’t. Does that make me a lipstick snob?! I just love that scent!


Miss Sporty Lipsticks | Miss Sporty is a brand that I remember as one of the first makeup brands I ever tried when I was abut 11 or 12 year old. Their lipsticks smell incredible! They smell like watermelon and their scent is so realistic as opposed to the fake artificial scents. They’re super affordable and I recommend picking one up just so you can give it a sniff!

Mac LipsticksJust like the CT lipsticks the Mac ones have that infamous vanilla scent to them! A little stronger than the CT ones, too. They just smell so good and anyone who has a Mac lipstick amongst their collection will have noticed their scent before, how could I not include them in this post!


Milani Lipsticks | For such an amazing brand that never lets us down Milani sure does have a great price point for their products! Their lipsticks in the gold packaging have the same watermelon scent that the Miss Sporty ones do! It’s so delicious and smells so good that I always look forward to wearing this lippie!

Milani Amore Matte Lip Crème | I think this is my favourite scented product out of everything! It smells like dessert! A creamy, buttery sweet dessert, what more could a girl want! Not to mention these sit so nice on the lips and stay put and stay matte! Winner!


After all his talk of peaches, watermelon and desserts I’m hungry now! Let me know down in the comments below if you have any products that smell yummy too!



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