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Everyone knows that sometimes daily beauty regimes become a second priority when you are working away striving for more and it can sometimes show when you just don’t want it too. Our skin can come across various problems along its life cycle such as dryness, blemishes, blackheads and puffiness. The skin structure also starts to show signs of ageing with fine lines and wrinkles and uneven skin texture.

Skin Doctors is an award winning in the beauty world and has come a long way from being a small niche brand to something that is used widely all over the world. I am going to talk about 2 products that Skin Doctors have made that have benefitted me and made me realise that top brands aren’t always the best and emptying your wallet out for those anti-ageing creams and eye creams shouldn’t always be the case!

Skin Doctors Instant Eyelift

Skin Doctors two most sought after products are the Instant Eye lift and the Gamma Hydroxy and it’s no wonder why! I tried these products out and with great effect. Below are the 3 ingredients for the instant eye lift showing the why it works so well.

Biocare SA – This forms a highly elastic film that isn’t noticeable on the skin when moving and keeps the surface highly hydrated, plump and smooth due to more water being retained.

Skin Tightening ST – This new innovative ingredient helps to tighten the skin and even out fine lines and give the skin a smoother, softer feel to it.

Sodium Silicate – A quick drying ingredient that helps to form the film and immediately give a visible reduction in dark bags and tired looking eyes. The combined combination of the three ingredients give an almost immediate lifting effect that can be visually seen!

Skin Doctors Instant Eyelift is perfect to give you that extra boost to your eyes just before a night out or if you are trying to give your eyes that radiant, more youthful look that they have always possessed but have been shadowed by the hours of the working life.

Skin Doctors Gamma Hydroxy

This silky cream targets the appearance of acne and blemishes whilst resurfacing the texture and touch of your skin to be subtle and smoother. It contains a blend of natural ingredients that together formulate a fighting barrier against ageing and rough textured skin. In everyday life, free radicals are around us and the skin must deal with these nearly every second of the day making it one of the hardest working biological systems of our body.

The blend of natural alpha hydroxyl acids (AHA’s) and Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHA’s) blend with the skin gently, to not give irritation and loosen the ‘cement’ that dead skin cells end up creating by binding together. These AHA’s will encourage the skin to naturally shed these dead skin cells and rejuvenate and protect the youthful layer that is underneath. Pore size is also decreased to help with preventing rough or uneven textured skin and fight ageing appearances before they appear! The shedding of dead skin cells also helps with acne issues and over several weeks you could be looking at a clearer, more radiant looking face in the mirror!

The Skin Doctors Gamma Hydroxy is perfect for those who are either scared of surgery and expensive treatments or simply can’t afford these and still looking for professional results. The cream can be used along with your other beauty products as the formula is gentle making it perfect for females alike! This is a great cream and well worth a try if you are looking for this sort of product.

For all your skin care needs, you can visit where you will be able to find lotions, creams and moisturises that cater to different skin types whatever they may be.


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