Style Freedom Hair Care Range & First Impressions!

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I have been paying close attention recently to my hair care needs. Having neglected it all through my teen year it’s safe to say it deserves some TLC! For the past month or so I have been trailing out the range from Style Freedom and I thought I’d share a little insight to the range and give you some first impressions of this affordable hair care brand!

It’s available in Superdrug and what’s even better than the already great prices is if you buy one product you get the second one-half price at the moment! Every single item in the range if £7.99 which makes it as affordable as Tresemme, loreal and others alike! I like a hair care range to be full too, I hate when you can only get one or two styling products from a brand but it’s not the case here! In total there are 18 lines in the Style Freedom range!
They certainly target a wide audience which is great from a brand with their packaging being young enough, but not too young. It’s sleek and pretty with opaque bottles with purples, blues and pinks for the packaging. It all looks clean yet user-friendly and isn’t at all intimidating!
Rejuvenating Vitamin Oil || I’ve never been a fan of oils in my hair I couldn’t get used to them and I found them so thick they would just build up until my hair looked like I’d washed it in chip grease. I’ve been using this for around a month, running it through my ends after washing and then styling as usual and I’ve noticed my very dead and very split ends are feeling so much more soft and silky. You get 100ml in here and it’s a pump bottle so none of this screwing the lid off rubbish! It’s aimed towards long, mature, dry and damaged hair and is infused with vitamin A&E, antioxidant, UV protection and it strengthens hair, it’s non-greasy and supports healthy hair and growth.  Plus it smells like baby powder!
Shimmer Cream || The shimmer cream scared me a little I was like woah hold up now are we back in the 90’s with the glitter spray can hair paint?! But no, this product has turned out to be my second favourite product from the range! It’s actually a blow dry cream with built in frizz control. You apply a small amount to damp towel dried hair and blow-dry as normal. It’s hydrating to hair and also protects from heat and it does have the smallest glitter in there that makes my hair look so shiny and feel so soft!
Canned Texture || Oribe dupe eat your heart out or what! I’ve tried quite a lot of texture sprays and many make my hair and roots feel like chewing gum, it’s not pretty! This is a matte texturizing spray that you need in your life if you’re going on a night out! You know when you wash your hair before going out, blow dry it and straighten it and it’s as flat as a blooming pancake because it’s just been washed? Style freedom has got your back! This gives your hair the next day hair kind of texture where it’s so easy to style and create effortless volume in your hair without the need to backcomb every strand of hair. I swear some of the girls I see on nights out need this in their life, their hair be looking like a birds nest from so much backcomb!
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Dry Shampoo || Whoever was the first person to invent dry shampoo truly deserves a medal don’t they! It’s genius! When your too lazy to wash your hair after a week and you wake up for work the next morning looking like you’ve washed your hair in a vat of oil dry shampoo has always got your back! I live for the stuff now that I’m trying to cut back on washing my hair as much as I can to prevent build up and drying it out! It smells so fresh and it’s just so easy!
Beach Body Spray || My first impression was already a good one because this bottle is 250ml for £7.99 and I have a few others from different brands that are smaller yet more expensive! Nobody wants to sit there with heat appliances for hours trying to achieve that mermaid hair/beach wave look do they! It would take me forever with the thickness of my hair. Plus why do we need to when all you have to do is spray some of this in your hair and you are good to go my friend! I’ve tested out some truly awful beach sprays that did nothing but tangle my hair but when I used the style freedom one it didn’t make my hair tacky or crispy like hair spray and it smells like summer! It’s also good if you plan on curling your hair or want to but your hair is so hard to curl. Spritz some of this in your locks and then curl your hair for more defined curls!
Sexy Hair Potion || One thing my hair lacks is volume! I have a lot of hair but working volume into my hair is a long and drawn out task. I want one product that will give me the volume I want for my hair! I think I might have found it! Using this when blow drying my hair gives it volume that lasts. That’s what sets this product apart from other volume sprays! It lasts!! You can use it to set roller curls too and curls in general but for me I spray this in my hair when blow drying to add some umph to my hair!
Vitamin Wax || One thing you should know about me is I’m clumsy and when I try and aim for a small amount of something I end up getting five times what I need which is why I’ve stayed away from wax until now! I just found them too heavy on the hair and I would always use so much! The vitamin wax from Style Freedom is actually super lightweight on my hair and it’s re workable too! It infuses the hair with anti-oxidants, anti-humidity, anti-frizz, UV protection and adds hydration all whilst giving your hair a gorgeous healthy shine! Another trick I’ve found is using a toothbrush (not one you’ve used for your teeth of course), rubbing it on the surface of the wax a teeny bit and when you have your hair in a pony tail stroke the brush through the hairline and back to keep those baby hairs at bay!
Hair Detox Kit || Now this little gem I was the most excited about! My hair holds so much product and it really builds up and even after a good shampoo I still felt like my hair had product in the roots! This little kit gives your hair the detox you need! It’s also something you use over and over it’s not use once and it’s all gone you get plenty of washes out of this. It’s a two-step process and first, you wash your hair in water but don’t use shampoo or conditioner. You apply a palm sized amount of the detoxifier to your hair and massage through the roots and mid-lengths and ends of your hair. Leave this on for 5 minutes. You rinse your hair until the water runs clear. I really didn’t think I was going to like this product after I had done this. My hair felt like it had been stripped or like I’d had bleach on it and it felt really weird. Turns out it just meant that my hair was fully clean and it hasn’t stripped it at all! You then apply part two of the products to lightly towel dried hair and work it through the mid-lengths to the ends of your hair. You leave on for ten minutes and then rinse until the water runs clear. My hair felt incredible! It was like silk once I had dried it and that second step process was the product that drowned my hair in moisture giving it a new lease of life. My hair is now on its fourth day and usually, by now my hair would be so need washing desperately! My hair isn’t even showing signs of needing to be washed! If you try one product from this range, make it this!
This isn’t everything from the entire range but there is nothing here that I don’t like so I will be buying the rest of the range! Other products that I don’t have from this range are: heatshield, style capture spray, detangler, curl angel, super root volume spray, workable hairspray, sculpting paste, pure shine and their straight ‘n’ sleek spray!
I’m over the moon with these products and when I finally work my way through these I will be buying more! What is your number one favourite hair brand? Which of these products do you like the sound of the most?


  1. 19/03/2017 / 11:26 am

    Since I died my hair I’m really making the effort to look after it more, so I’m definitely going to check this range out (plus it’s affordable, and I really need that right now!) Also I have to mention that the photography in this post is gorgeous! xx

    • throughthemirror
      19/03/2017 / 10:00 pm

      It’s freaking amazing Faye, get yo ass down to superdrug! such good products!! And thankyou for your kind words on my photos!

  2. 19/03/2017 / 5:53 pm

    The canned texture sounds like something my hair is in need of! Can definitely relate to the flat as a pancake reference xx

  3. 24/03/2017 / 1:25 pm

    Haha oh Caitlin, I love how you write – I read your blog posts in your accent [which, to be fair, isn’t too different from mine haha] and it’s like we’re just having a conversation.

    I’ll have to check this brand out, I am terrible for neglecting my hair and it needs an EXTREME amount of TLC.

    Oh and did I mention I’m obsessed with your photos? You’re so bloody talented <3

    Nikki xx |

    • throughthemirror
      29/03/2017 / 3:38 pm

      I love that I’ve finally found someone who understands just what where we live is like hahaha! It’s like we’re sisters 😉 ha! I ALWAYS read your posts out loud in a proper strong rochdale accent like were out chatting over brunch – lol jokes nobody in rochdale does brunch! I should have said like we’re out getting drunk on the cheapest alcohol we can find! 😉

  4. Ash
    25/03/2017 / 11:15 am

    All the products you mentioned sound amazing! My hair is quite dry & gets greasy super quickly so I will definitely be picking up the hair detox kit & rejuvenating vitamin oil.

    • throughthemirror
      29/03/2017 / 3:33 pm

      Let me know how you get on with the detox kit! It’s such a cool product!!

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