Time To Make Some Changes + A Little Help From You Guys

For a while now I’ve felt something different about blogging, I think we all have in one way or another. Something just doesn’t feel the same as it did and I think the added pressure and stress of the idiotic algorithms they are bringing in has added some strain on us all. Not to mention the bot drama! It’s not just that I’ve been a little out of touch with the blogging community and social media but I’ve felt it with my own blog too. I need something fresh to look at, something to light a fire under my ass before my blog slips away from me for good.

I don’t want to stop blogging, not at all but I know I need to make some changes to make myself happier. I’m going to be sprucing up my social media bios and having a clear out of who I’m following so I have less people in my feed and more of what I want to see and a little less, well…drama!


I can’t make the changes I want to make to my blog without your help! I have made this quick survey which is pretty much all multiple choice and I have booked tomorrow off work and the weekend to make the changes I want to make so I have a new lease of life on my blog. I want to be more about the blogging, less about the numbers and the pressure to post. I need to strip it back to when I first began.


Please, please, please if you have two minutes just to flick through this survey it will help me more than you know to make the changes I need to make to be happier with what I’m creating because right now I’m not. I want to get an idea of what impression my blog gives you and see what you guys think about the changes I want to make. Seriously, I’ll love you foreverrrrr if you take a little time to fill it out. The entries are all anonymous so please be as honest as you can, it’ll mean the world to me if you could answer the ten questions!


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