Two New From Ghost Fragrances

Ghost is the very first perfume I ever got. I remember opening it one Christmas when I was 11 and I was so chuffed that I wouldn’t have a pinch my sisters perfume when she wasn’t looking haha! It was the blue one in the frosted bottle and the musky scent was so lovely. I loved it so much and I continue to do so now. I have a bottle sitting on my dressing table and I continue to buy it whenever I get low. It’s an affordable perfume without the crazy price tag and it’s my signature scent. I have two of their newly released perfumes to share with you today!


Ghost Dream *

The scent is light yet complex with a floral fragrance with a subtle depth. The top notes of the fragrance are Rose Essential and Aquaflora and the rose comes through so well giving a gorgeous light, floral feminine scent. Middles notes of Violet, Heliotrope, Moroccan Orange Flower and Egyptian Jasmine which gives the fragrance a secondary more complex scent. The base notes are Ambroxan, Musks and Patchouli giving it a more woody base. Marketed as a scent created for young women who embrace their femininity and I love that! The scent is supposed to encapsulate the pink clouds of a hazy sunset, the play of light on rippling water. Pretty picturesque huh?!

The packaging is beautiful with a tall blue and white box with clouds designed on the front and the bottle of perfume is a multifaceted bottle with a silver lid. The glass is so pretty and is tinted with blues, greens and purples and gives a real ocean vibe to it!

Ghost Whitelight Diamond Dust

A beautifully musky fruity scent that lasts all day long! I get so many comments when I wear this perfume which has top notes of peach, mandarin and pear (explains the fruity scent!). The heart of the perfume scent you will smell jasmine, violet and rose. Jasmine is one of my favourite scents so probably explains why I love this scent so much. The base notes of the perfume is patchouli, vanilla and amber which is where the smoky musk scent comes through!

I was already head over heels for the scent of this perfume but the fact that it comes in a crescent moon bottle with a purple lid and holographic bottle. Shake this perfume up in the bottle and you will see the pearly iridescent sheen mix around in the bottle and when you spray it onto your skin it will leave glitter particles on your skin giving you a holographic rainbow sheen over where you spray the product. Not to mention it comes free with a hammered silver necklace which would make this set the perfect gift for someone!


Have you tried Ghost fragrances before? Let me know in the comments what your favourite perfume is!

Products marked with a (*) were gifted to me. Please refer to my disclaimer for any more information



  1. 10/09/2017 / 12:00 am

    omgggg the bottles are SO DAMN PRETTY

    • throughthemirror
      11/09/2017 / 10:39 am

      They really are aren’t they! Constantly got them on display!!

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