The Unspoken Beauty Regimes: Stretchmarks

Ahhh, the human body! Fascinating yet can sometimes be cruel. I’m pretty sure that everyone in their lifetime will have a moment of self-consciousness because none of us are perfect and the media paints us a picture of what is considered ‘normal’ when really that isn’t the case. The world is changing up its act though, fashion industries are taking smaller and larger people into account and not just one body type. I wanted to talk about stretch marks today because whilst they are 100% normal I know from experience they can add a negative impact onto your self-esteem and if I can help, then I will!

I have, in the past spent forever searching for the magic cure for stretch marks and found myself plenty of false promises. You won’t find any promises in today’s post I’m afraid. There isn’t a magic cure but what I can help with is sharing with you the things that I have been doing to fade my deep purple stretch marks to almost gone/white stretchmarks.

I try so many home remedies that are a total waste of time but this one is the only one that has done anything for me and it’s amazing! All you will need is Vicks vapour rub and clingfilm. Something in the vapour rub (probably the menthol) works like magic. All you need to do is apply it to the area with stretch marks and spend a little time rubbing it into your skin, give yourself a little massage! Next, wrap yourself up in clingfilm! Boom, sleep like that overnight and in the morning shower and make sure to exfoliate (Vicks is quite oily and the exfoliator will get it off your skin). I have done this once a week for a month now and the dark purple stretch marks are almost a white colour now! Obviously, it’s going to feel a little cold because it’s menthol so your skin does tingle so don’t worry! The areas I apply this are my inner thighs, hips and stomach which is where I have stretch marks.




Castor oil is quickly becoming a strong part of my beauty regime when it comes to my stretchmarks! It’s got so many added benefits to this product (you will actually find castor oil in more stretch mark tailored products!) and I have myself a little pamper evening a few times a week where I heat up my castor oil (5 second bursts!) until it’s lukewarm.


Once heated (please test it before you go crazy with the stuff, don’t burn yourself!) I rub it all over my skin, it’s like a mini little massage for yourself! It’s super affordable, probably the most affordable stretch mark treatment you will ever find and I get mine here.





I have tried Bio Oil before but didn’t really see the difference that I have with the next two products that I love. Unity Beauty Essentials is a luxury beauty company aimed towards people during/after pregnancy. That doesn’t mean people who aren’t pregnant can’t use these products because both are aimed towards lightening stretchmarks on our bodies.

I use the Intensive Body Nourisher every night. It’s a very thick almost body butter texture and tend to add a little extra around the dry parts of my skin. It’s caused my sensitive skin no bother and has been an amazing effective tool in helping to fade the stretchmarks on my skin, not to mention it hydrates my skin beautifully and smells like baby powder! The packaging is beautiful with a reflective gold lid and yellow branding too.

The second product I use from this brand is their Complete Duo Stretchmark Cream & Oil. I just had to try this, it fascinated me! It all comes in the same product so you don’t have to use a mix of all kinds of lotions and potions but it has a split section down the middle of the tube. One side holds the oil and one side holds the cream but when you pump it out, an equal mix of both appears! I use this daily, usually in the morning. There are no mineral oils, parabens, it’s gluten free, great for all skin types and has been safety tested. It contains avocado oil, coconut oil, rosehip oil, sweet almond oil and Indian gooseberry extract.

I have been using both of these products in conjunction with eachother to really work and fade the stretchmarks I have on my body.


Just a little disclaimer to say this post isn’t trying to say ‘you must do something about your stretch marks’. This is me giving you guys a look at what I have done to fade my stretch marks which gives you the option to explore these too if you want to.

Have you tried anything to treat your stretchmarks? Has anything worked for you that I haven’t mentioned in this post? Let me know down in the comments and share your tips with everyone!


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