The Unspoken Beauty Regimes: Summer Ready Feet!

Feet. Feet are just so unspoken of, aren’t they? I’m fully able to appreciate another woman’s features. I can easily walk down the street and think ‘damn that girls got good legs’ or ‘that bum is peachhhhhhy’ and I’m sure many of you can do the same. What I will never ever do though, is walk down the street and be able to admire another woman’s feet! I will never think ‘oooh what I’d do to swap my trotters for hers’ feet are ugly, they just are. There is some kind of taboo about them and unless you’re a foot fetishist I can’t say I’ve ever really heard of feet being loved and appreciated like we do eyes for example. That’s not to say we can’t make an effort to try and make them look a little more appealing now is there so today’s post is all about making them trotters a tiny bit prettier!


So what, other than the ability to allow us to walk do feet bring us?

  • They ache
  • They swell (usually if you are pregnant!)
  • They get smelly
  • Dry skin
  • Hard skin
  • Callouses
  • Crazy toenails
  • Big toe hair (don’t tell me you have never had a hairy big toe!)
  • They get sweaty

A whole host of things come along with feet but there are some main ones I want to talk about today, especially with summer just around the corner.

Smelly & Sweaty Feet

Don’t be that person that’s sat reading this, telling yourself ‘I’ve never had smelly feet’ because we all know you have! Converse, Vans and dolly shoes I have found to be the biggest culprits for pongy feet! Dolly shoes it obvious, you’re barefoot! Converse and Vans are both canvas and perhaps not as breathable?


You’ll get home from work take your shoes off and realise just how badly you need to go and wash your feet! Even worse you’ll be stood in a public place surrounded by others and you’ll be able to smell feet and you’ll wonder for the next hour if it’s your feet that you know everyone can smell of if it’s someone else! There isn’t anything wrong with stinky feet because most of us are at work, walking around, active, on our feet a lot so naturally it will happen now and again!


There is one product that never fails to cure stinky feet and it’s Pedamed Cutaneous Powder. It’s really cheap and you can get it in Boots and chemists. It’s got the ability to eliminate foot odour and is also antiperspirant and antifungal! It’s a win-win really isn’t it and I just keep it in case of any situations! You get best results using it after bathing but you can use it whenever you want and you just sprinkle a thin layer over the foot and rub it in and away you go!


I have two home remedies that help to eliminate foot and shoe odour very easily and cheaply! The first one is to fill a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol, please God do not do this if you have cuts on your feet through! Spray on your feet in the morning and spray the inside of your shoes too. This kills the bacteria and cures pongy feet! The second on is if you put a few DRY teabags inside your shoes it will absorb any funky smells and freshen up your shoes!


Dry/Cracked/Hard Skin On Heels

Everyone experiences this and I know that for certainty! Those who wear heels and those who are on their feet a lot in their job will all experience the dreaded hard cracked skin on the heel of your foot. There is nothing gross about it really because you just know everyone gets it! Whilst removing it can be a pain and you probably burn 500 calories from the sawing back and forth with a pumice stone it is fairly easy to remove!


I have found one product that has made removing that skin so much easier and quicker too! The Skintruth Callus Remover* promises to remove callus quickly and easily and it’s not wrong! You soak your feet first (scroll down for my at home DIY foot soak!) and generously apply the product all over the hard skin. Allow formula to penetrate for 3-5 minutes pat off any excess callus gel and get at it with a pumice. *gross alert* do this sat in the bath or with an old towel under you because girl, skin will be shedding! I finish this off with another wash of the feet and the Skintruth Intensive Heel Repair Balm* which is currently £3!


I find good old fashioned foot soaks can really help soften hard skin but I don’t see the point in paying for products for this when I have two at home methods that I love and swear by! The first one is 1/4 cup of Listerine (i generally use about half a bottle, be generous!), 1/4 cup of vinegar and 1/2 a cup of warm water (the hotter the better). I let my feet soak for about 20 minutes and then sometimes all I have to do is wipe and it all comes away, soz for the grossness! Or ill just use a file to make sure it’s all gone and I have baby soft feet!

My other go to foot soak is one that will fight off stinky feet, soften hard skin and detoxifies to.This one is my favourite one and feels much more pampering and less ‘I have to scrub this dead skin off my feet’. 1 cup of Epsom salts, 1 cup sea salt, 2 cups baking soda, several drops of lavender oil (or any other you prefer!). I pop it all in a mason jar and shake it all up then just use some when I want to soak my feet and it works a dream!

So today’s post was part one of a series that has now begun on my blog. The unspoken beauty regimes will cover less spoken about topics, some will be TMI and I don’t really care! These have been so fun to write and there are some great topics coming up!

What products do you pamper your feet with?



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