The Unspoken Beauty Regimes: Tanning for Ghosties

Now I know that tanning is a widely spoken about topic in the blogging world but I always struggle to find post tailored to girls with ghostly white skin. Now my legs get to see the light of day maybe a handful of times a year and I do like being pale. However, there are just sometimes you want to get a summer glow on, a bronzed tan without the fear of orange deep dark streaks that you have to live with until you can scrub it off! So, with that in mind, lets get onto my favourite products for pale skin tanning!

Let’s start this out with something humorous yes? I’ll allow you all to have a little laugh at this but bear in mind I was 15/16 when the below photograph was taken, I assure you I look nothing like that anymore ha! You see so often in the blogging community girls sharing their makeup disasters, hair disasters.


Well, let me show you a tanning disaster! Back then I was all about the want to be Barbie, don’t judge I’m sure you had cringe worthy moments looking back ha! I was all about the bleach blonde (aka yellow brassy hair), boobs and the blue contact lenses. We were going out with some friends, probably standing outside the shop arguing over who was going to go in and be humiliated when they were turned down for a bottle of Lambrini we were planning on drinking in the park! Just look at my feet in that photo! Oh, the shame that I actually went out that night too!

Moving swiftly on…

Fast forward five years and now I’m all about the subtle glow with products that add a natural sunkissed tan to my skin and I’ve found the perfect routine that works for me!

Shave: You want to get a smooth a shave as you can so you don’t have to do it whilst you have fake tan on and end up removing it with the razor blades in the process. I recommend the Friction Free Shaving box but you can just use any razor that you have and concentrate on getting those silky smooth legs.

Scrub: I get incredibly dry elbows and knees and have dry patches on my legs that if I didn’t exfoliate them and remove the dead skin that has been building up (gross!) my tan just wouldn’t look as good and would go crusty (equally as gross) on my dry parts. I cannot get enough of the Kaeso Beauty Mandarin & Cracked Black Pepper* sugar body scrub which smells absolutely divine! You know when a scent makes your mouth water because it smells so juicy and good? Yep, this is that! It’s super exfoliating without it taking eight layers of your skin off and leaving you red raw and it’s oils leave your skin silky smooth and soft.

St. Tropez Gradual In Shower Tan*This is my favourite of the two because a) it fascinates me and b) it’s so easy and performs so well! I was drawn into this because with mousse tan I cannot stand having to wait for it to absorb, making sure all areas are covered, waddling around like a penguin and not being able to sleep with white sheets. This removes all of those issues for me because you get in the shower, do your thaaaang and then turn off your shower so no water hits your body and apply this all over. Allow it to absorb into your skin for three minutes and then wash off. Then the tan will gradually develop and it gives such a subtle lovely glow. The tan is quite light but they do offer a darker one too. 100% worth the £10 it costs for this product because it’s so incredibly easy and it smells gorgeous!

St Moriz Advanced Pro Formula: This is a 5 in 1 tanning mousse and I have mine in the shade medium. I always use a tanning mitt for mousses because my hands go bright orange otherwise! It’s a pump bottle dispenser and promises long-lasting effects and is moisture rich. As I’m sure many of you are the same, I can’t stand the fake tan smell and this one isn’t at all bad! The tan I spoke about above beats it but this is still great with only a very faint scent. The tan takes 4-6 hours to develop which is a little more high maintenance than the one above because it means you have to get in the shower and was off the guide colour. It’s a really great fake tan if you are looking for a cheaper alternative and gives you a tan without those nasty streaks!

Moisturiser: I use another Kaeso Beauty* product to moisturise my skin too and it’s the balm mint and cotton hydrating body moisturiser. I apply this to the areas my skin is dry so usually my elbows, knees, areas of my face and to my legs and ankles. It’s a light moisturiser so won’t sit heavy on your skin and just helps to make your tan apply much smoother and streak free. There is nothing worse than prepping to tan, tanning and waking up in the morning to cheesy wotsit knees! It’s lightly scented and is very subtle so I imagine would work well for you sensitive skinned girls out there and the pump bottle makes it so easy to dispense!


There you have my tanning routine for pale skin beauties! It can be really difficult to get a super simple, easy tan that doesn’t send you the perfect shade of umpah lumpah orange and I swear by everything in this post! I’d love to know your tanning routine, what products do you use? Is tanning for you? Let us know!



  1. 30/06/2017 / 2:43 pm

    It’s actually ridiculous how pale I am! I never tan, just burn. Definitely need to get some fake tan. Thanks for the ideas xx

  2. 30/06/2017 / 3:13 pm

    I needed this. I’ve been using several different brands to achieve a tanned look, but I always some out orange. I actually started using a Deciem DHA Gold Prism tanner and I really like it. You might want to check it out too!

    Genevieve |

  3. 30/06/2017 / 7:48 pm

    I agree exfoliating is so important otherwise I get these not so lovely orange knees and elbows!

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